Veterinary technicians are very critical in every vet clinics. They play crucial roles to ensure that our pets are well taken care of especially, during the recovery process after treatment. They are also the guys who usually take the role of dental hygienists, cleaners, pharmacy assistants, and so on in most vet clinic.

They definitely deserve recognition for their good work. So are you thinking about gifting your favourite vet tech but have no idea of what gift to buy? Well, we’ve got you covered. We have rounded up a thoughtful vet tech merchandise gift guide for you.

Here are the 10 best gifts for vet technicians:

1. Vet Tech Bumper Sticker

A bumper sticker may look like a simple gift, but it’s something that will make your vet technician feel appreciated for their work. There are various types of bumper stickers you can select from based on the designed and other features. However, the message on the sticker is the most important.

Some of the best vet tech bumper stickers read “Proud to be a vet tech”, “I love being a vet tech” and so on. There are many versions of stickers to pick from but ensure the message on it makes the vet tech proud and appreciated for their work.

2. Customer Made Shirt

Customer made shirt and t-shirt is an excellent gift idea for those looking for vet tech merchandise. In fact, they are some of the most sought after gifts for most professionals in the various industries. There are various types of shirts and t-shirts that you can pick for your vet tech, but you need to have customised to make unique.

The most common thing that most people do is putting a personalised message on the shirt. So pick their favourite colour if you know it has the shirt custom made by an embroidery specialist. That is something that will last for long.

3. Custom Coffee Made Mugs and Wine Glass

Mugs and wine glass also make perfect gifts for vet technicians. We know that almost everyone drinks coffee and wine. That is what makes these gifts perfect for most professionals. If you go for a coffee mug, get something that is custom-designed for vet tech.

The writing one or both sides should be something funny about the vet technician. For instance, it can be a funny definition of who a vet tech is. For the wine glass, you can custom personalise it by engraving the name of the vet tech. You can also have an image of a pet engraved on the same glass to celebrate their work.

4. Canvas Wall Art

Canvas wall art is one of the best gifts for a vet technician. One thing that makes them a perfect choice for many is the fact they last for long. The canvas material will last for long compared to most of the materials used for wall arts such as papers.

We recommend that you put a picture of a pet and if possible, one of your pets. In addition to the pet picture, you can also have a message in the form of writing such as “I Love My Vet Tech’, “I Love Pets” and any other message that will make them feel appreciated.

5. Fur remover

Vet tech job includes handling pets and other domestic animals throughout the day. That means by the end of the day, they have collected a lot of hair and fur from animals that they handled. This fur should be removed because it can cause breathing complication if it is not managed.

That is why gifting your tech vet with a scrub, or a fur remover would be a perfect gift. Get a quality fur scrub that will work for all fabrics. The scrub should also have better ergonomic features to stand out from what he is already using if he had one.

6. Comfortable Sneakers

There are many types of shoes that you can buy as a gift for your favourite vet tech, but sneakers always top the list. Due to their incredible test of fashion and trendy traits, they make a better gift compared to other shoe types. You can buy one of the trending and the most comfortable sneakers as a gift.

If your vet tech loves working out, then you get them a nice sneaker for the kind of workouts that they do. If they love running as a physical exercise, get them the best running pair of sneaker in the market.

7. Surgical Hat

A surgical hat is a perfect vet tech merchandise that you can buy as a gift. Being a tech in the veterinary lab means that they are also involved in surgical works.

As we know, you cannot carry out a surgery process without wearing a surgical hat. If you pick a surgical hat as a gift, make sure that it is not the typical types found in the market. Go for a unique design, colour, print, and so on to make it stand out.

8. Nurse’s Watch

A functional watch is something a vet tech needs for their day to day activities. Therefore, a nice nurse’s watch would make a perfect gift for them.

But you need to go the extra length to get a unique watch that will make them feel appreciated. Find out their favourite colour, and that will make them appreciate your gift even more. Also, remember to buy a watch of good quality and one that can be used in all environments surrounding vet tech.

9. Animal-Themed Cookie Cutters

Even though veterinary technicians love animals, they also love baking as most of us. That is why buying animal sharpened cookie cutter would make perfect gifts for vet technicians who loves baking. What makes these cookie cutters unique is because they are pet-themed, which something about what they like.

10. Pet-Themed Paper Clips

Last but not least is pet-themed paper clips. Vet techs usually work as record keepers in the veterinary clinic. Therefore, they need a lot of paper clips to keep record neat. So buying paper clips for vet gifts will be a thoughtful idea. Don’t just buy any paper clips but consider animal or pet-themed paper clips.

If you are thinking about gifting your favourite veterinary technician, then you have 10 best ideas to pick from. However, it is important to find out what they like, their hobbies, their favourite colour to help you get a perfect gift.